Things that happen in Norway

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jul 24, 2017

So what have we been up to in between hiking in Fulufjället and arriving to Lofoten? What do you do when you are driving along the winding roads in one of the most beautiful countries there is? Without wifi, batteries on your computer and with no deadlines in the world? 

Haha yes that’s right! When you’ve passed by endless of beautiful waterfalls, you realize that you’ve just driven by the solution to your empty water tank problem.

Even though it was a bit tricky, it felt amazing to be able to get fresh water right out of nature itself! It is easy to take water for granted when you come from a country like Sweden. But vanlife has made us more aware of the amount of water we use and how completly vulnerable you are if you run out of it. Even if we’ve only done it for a few hours…

Even though we told you that we where going to gun it up to Lofoten, things happened that made us change our mind and take a new route. We tell you all about that tomorrow ❤