We met up with @Thegreatnortherntrails

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jul 26, 2017

When we rolled out of Stockholm and began this trip, we decided to set some personal goals for ourselves. Since I was working alot this autumn when we where out, meaning I spent hour after hour in bed in the back of the van with the computer on my belly – My simple goal was to spend more time outside of Doris. Carl on the other hand felt that he didn’t really socialise as much as he could have and therefore set as a goal to talk with more people on the road. 

Neither of these two are hard goals to reach if only you put your mind to it. And we have! These past two weeks has been both active and social to a whole new level. And the other day we got some help when Lina and Jakob from @Thegreatnortherntrails commented on one of our pictures, that they too where in Lofoten!

We met up on a beach near Fredvang for a coffee and plenty of vantalk!

Lina and Jakob have a VW Transporter that they use as a camper in the summers and as a ”regular” car in the winters. 

It isn’t a big car but they have pretty much all they need with a bed, a drawer for food and stuff in the back, clothes under the bed and a gas stove for cooking. 

And of course – stickers!

Thank you so much Lina and Jakob for showing us your van and taking time to hang out for a bit. Hope to see you soon again! If you want to see more of this blue beauty, trailrunning and Lina and Jakobs continued trip around Norway and Sweden – go follow @Thegreatnortherntrails