The End & New adventures

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aug 9, 2017

Sorry for being so quiet here on the blog, there are two reasons for this. The first one is that we spent a few days in The Bear country national park in Sweden, a magic place where we could camp here:

Just by the lake! We had the most peaceful days here with long breakfasts, hikes along the paths of the national park. That of course was followed by – a swim in the lake every day! Soo nice! The weather was so unstable and in the evenings we had both rain and thunder, but it didn’t really bother us because then we could read books and just lay in bed without any feelings that ”we should do something”.

But we had plenty of sun aswell! I don’t know why, but when you have a van – there is some kind of hidden power that drags you upwards to the roof. Anyone else that knows what I’m talking about? This is my absolute favourite spot of the van, no question about it!  

But the other reason for our absence, is that our honeymoon is over ? We are back at work, Carl on the Childcare center and me out on Barnens Ö (The Childrens Island) making a short movie for the summer camps here.

BUT  we have some really exciting things coming up so don’t forget to keep following the blog! We’ll tell you more about that soon! 

Until then – check out our Instagram! ★

Lofoten here we come

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jul 23, 2017

As you know we’ve been on the roads for a few days and we haven’t had either batteries or wifi. But yesterday we finally reached Bodø where you can take a ferry to Lofoten. We parked some kilometers away on this magical spot and spent the night.

Now we’re on the ferry and Lofoten is getting closer every minute. This takes just over 3 hours and cost us around 100 euro for the two of us plus Doris. Totally worth it since it would take over 10 hours if we drove all the way!

We promise to give you a better update of what we’ve been doing this past week, as soon as we get a wifi connection ❤