Lofoten here we come

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jul 23, 2017

As you know we’ve been on the roads for a few days and we haven’t had either batteries or wifi. But yesterday we finally reached Bodø where you can take a ferry to Lofoten. We parked some kilometers away on this magical spot and spent the night.

Now we’re on the ferry and Lofoten is getting closer every minute. This takes just over 3 hours and cost us around 100 euro for the two of us plus Doris. Totally worth it since it would take over 10 hours if we drove all the way!

We promise to give you a better update of what we’ve been doing this past week, as soon as we get a wifi connection ❤

On the road again!

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jul 20, 2017

After some nice and quiet days, we decided to gun it to Lofoten. That has been our goal all along but Sweden is so beautiful and it’s hard not to stop at every scenic place you see along the way.

But just as we passed the boarder to Norway, we realized once again that this country has something magical about it. The mountains, the fjords – you just have to love it!

Our aim is to arrive in Lofoten in a few days, no need to hurry. Whenever it’s possible we stay away from the bigger roads.

We’ve been on the lookout for bears along the roads but so far we’ve only seen reindeers, a badger, a rat and this crazy cute little lamb. But we’ll keep looking! 

See you soon Lofoten!