Van life on tv 

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sep 6, 2017

As some of you already know, we spent half of 2016 traveling around the west of Europe. While we did that we blogged for a Swedish travel magazine called ”Res”, about the places we went to and of course about living and traveling in a van.

At one point we got a comment on the blog from someone claiming to be a producer of an upcomming tv-show, wanting to get in touch. Our gut feeling was to put this comment somewhere together with emails about cheap viagra and unknown relatives that leave you big heritages. But after some googling we realized that it most likely was a real person behind it. 

We got in touch with the guy that told us about the show, where a famous Swedish tv-host (Kalle Zackari Wahlström) was going to try different ”alternative” ways of living. And what would be better then to try van living?

In the early spring we met up with Kalle and the team on a famous surf spot south of Stockholm, before we took the ferry to Gotland and spent three days of bouldering, surfing and just chilling around the island. Everything while beeing followed by a camera and a drone.

We haven’t seen the result yet, but what we’ve seen is just magic in terms of photography. And when you read this, the show will be up at  – we sure hope that you like it!

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