Next mission: The Uppland trail

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sep 17, 2017

You know the feeling when you want to travel the world and visit distant places with new cultures and stunning nature? And the frustration when you can’t because of work, family, lack of money or just because it’s scary? We have a solution – explore your surroundings!

I bet that you don’t have to go far to find places that you haven’t explored. It might be a forest, a nature reserve or just a park in the city where you live. Why not bring a friend and go explore it? We are both from the Swedish region called Uppland – home to a lot of culture, history and beautiful nature. But we haven’t explored the nature as much as we want to. It’s time to change that!

Sweden have so many beautiful trails in stunning nature, but some of them are definitely more popular than others. Well deserved as well – but that doesn’t mean that the other trails should be forgotten. Suitable for us there is a trail in Uppland, that we’ve decided to hike!

With it’s 400 kilometers it leads you through forests, along rivers and to some of the historic places of Uppland. Our plan is to do this little by little one weekend here and one weekend there. Walking, stand up paddling, skiing and who knows – we might figure out some more fun and cool way of doing it. Ideas anyone?

Our first reason of doing this, is simply to explore the nature of Uppland that we’ve had around us all our upbringing. The second and biggest is that we hope to be able to inspire others to go explore their surroundings. And to show that you don’t have to have oceans of time for it.
You don’t have to quit your job and hike across the North Pole to be an explorer, your next adventure might be waiting just around the corner!

Our plan is to give you updates both here on the blog, on our Instagram and in small videos from the different sections of the trail. We’re so excited and more info will come here on the blog under ”projects” shortly!

Love Carl and Bella

There’s something about water

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jul 16, 2017

I don’t know where the fascination about water comes from, but me and Carl aren’t the only ones who have hiked for miles to see tons of water shooting down mountainsides around the world. This time it was an easy hike though, to get to Brattfallet in Värmland, Sweden. But even though the waterfall was beautiful, it was this part of Halgån, further down, that made the biggest impression on us. 

These logs is a reminder of the time when Hagån was used to carry timber through this landscape, down to Klarälven. A dangerous task for those who had it and something that was done all the way until the late 70s. 

Even though it was a short hike, we managed to be surprised by the rain (as you might have seen on our insta story: @swewanderlust ) and enjoy our lunch in the sun – confusing weather! ???