Behind the scenes

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sep 14, 2017

So yesterday the fourth episode of the tv-show ”Kalles sex liv” was aired on tv, but many of you had already seen it online. We are so happy for all your comments and the love that you’ve sent our way! ❤  

Some of you are praising the aspect of living in a van and trying to break free from the idea of what everyday life should look like – Our favourite subject of all times, but one that will have to wait because of the other questions that we’ve got. The questions about the actual recording of the show. 

This happened during three intense days in april. We met up with tv-host Kalle, the producer Andreas, the photographer Mattias and the drone genius that took all the epic shots from above – on Torö Stenstrand, which is a famous surfspot south of Stockholm. We would lie if we said that we weren’t nervous…! 

I’m a journalist and have worked with both tv and radio as a producer and researcher, but this is the first time that I’m in front of the camera – so wierd! But we fell in love with the idea of the show – to follow people that have chosen an ”alternative” way of living that doesn’t  necessary mean a house, two kids and work from nine to five. So we decided to go with it! 

Kalle Z W and the team was really nice to us and as the hours went by, it felt more and more natural. Usually when we are out on the roads we try to stay at least two night at every spot. And we might go climbing, hiking or living on a beach for a week at the time, now we did all of this in just three days which was really hectic – But super fun at the same time!  

But it was a close call that we didn’t get any surf photos at all, because the forecast changed and the swell was close to nothing. We started to panic – who wants to see a show with two people just sitting in their van all day long? 

But thanks to my awesome colleague and friend Niklas, we managed to find a place that actually worked in those lousy conditions. The team got what they wanted and we just wanted to stay at this spot forever, such a beautiful place! ?

This was one of the last moments before we had to drive ridiculously fast to the ferry to get back to Stockholm again. And I must say that it was a bit sad to say goodbye after those intensed days. The best thing with van life is to meet new interesting people and the worst part is when you have to go back to the city or to work or whatever. 

So you’ve read this far and the only thing you really wanted to know is  – did he or did he not sleep between you in the van!? Such a good question, even though I don’t understand why everyone keeps asking? I mean the picture below should be proof enough right? ?

Join our vanlife community!

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sep 7, 2017

If you also have a van, or dream about having one – join our fb-group ”Vanlife Sverige”. As the name suggests it’s for those of you that either live in Sweden, or feel like maybe hitting the roads in Sweden some day. But hey, we’d love you all to join! 

Van life on tv 

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sep 6, 2017

As some of you already know, we spent half of 2016 traveling around the west of Europe. While we did that we blogged for a Swedish travel magazine called ”Res”, about the places we went to and of course about living and traveling in a van.

At one point we got a comment on the blog from someone claiming to be a producer of an upcomming tv-show, wanting to get in touch. Our gut feeling was to put this comment somewhere together with emails about cheap viagra and unknown relatives that leave you big heritages. But after some googling we realized that it most likely was a real person behind it. 

We got in touch with the guy that told us about the show, where a famous Swedish tv-host (Kalle Zackari Wahlström) was going to try different ”alternative” ways of living. And what would be better then to try van living?

In the early spring we met up with Kalle and the team on a famous surf spot south of Stockholm, before we took the ferry to Gotland and spent three days of bouldering, surfing and just chilling around the island. Everything while beeing followed by a camera and a drone.

We haven’t seen the result yet, but what we’ve seen is just magic in terms of photography. And when you read this, the show will be up at  – we sure hope that you like it!

Give us a comment here or on our Instagram  @swewanderlust ✌❤

Don’t underestimate the power of mist

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aug 1, 2017
The same lifebuoy in the sun, with mountains in the back

Bella is sitting on the top, looking down


You have probably already seen our ninja pictures from the super misty day a few nights ago – if not check them out here! But we can’t really leave it there, because when we woke up after two days in this milky world, the sun revealed something completely different!

Bella is sitting on the top of a cilff


We talked with Kian, the photographer from Unstad Artic Surf that we where thinking about going to Senja. Then he persuaded us to go to ”this beautiful island of Husøy”. He didn’t really explain why it was so fantastic, but in his excited way of talking, we felt that it had to be something special.

But then we got here, to a tiny island all covered in big houses. There isn’t any space left for anything else than small roads, peoples tiny backyards and houses. So many houses on such a small space. We couldn’t really understand what Kian had been talking about. We went for a walk, pretended to be ninjas, and spent most of these two days reading and talking. We where to tired to drive somewhere else since we had been in the car for around 12 hours the other day.


Carl in the mist


And when we woke up on the third day we where happy that we hadn’t just hastened further to a new location. The beauty had revealed itself out of the mist. Here Carl is standing on the same spot with only one day apart, crazy huh!?


Carl standing on the same spot but in the sun with a beautiful scenery


And look at the harbor the different days:


The harbor of Husøy in the mist


The harbor of Husøy in the sun


It was like going from some kind of post apocalyptic dystopia (since we didn’t see any people at all during the misty days) to a paradise island in Asia!


A lifebuoy in the mist


The same lifebuoy in the sun, with mountains in the back


If you want to visit Husøy you can either free camp along the road leading to the island. Or you can stand in the harbor where you have both electricity, water and possibility to empty your toilet and waste water. It will cost you 150 NOK or 15 Euro. We ended up staying in the harbor because when we drove here we didn’t even see the potential spots along the way. But i hope you get better weather if you go! ★


Doris is parked in the harbour in husøy

#Vanlife at its best!

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jul 29, 2017

Sometimes you just stumble upon a spot that is so nice that you don’t ever want to leave. This is one of them! Our plan was to leave today but we just couldn’t. We’ll show you why soon – just been to busy exploring the surroundings ✌

We met up with @Thegreatnortherntrails

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jul 26, 2017

When we rolled out of Stockholm and began this trip, we decided to set some personal goals for ourselves. Since I was working alot this autumn when we where out, meaning I spent hour after hour in bed in the back of the van with the computer on my belly – My simple goal was to spend more time outside of Doris. Carl on the other hand felt that he didn’t really socialise as much as he could have and therefore set as a goal to talk with more people on the road. 

Neither of these two are hard goals to reach if only you put your mind to it. And we have! These past two weeks has been both active and social to a whole new level. And the other day we got some help when Lina and Jakob from @Thegreatnortherntrails commented on one of our pictures, that they too where in Lofoten!

We met up on a beach near Fredvang for a coffee and plenty of vantalk!

Lina and Jakob have a VW Transporter that they use as a camper in the summers and as a ”regular” car in the winters. 

It isn’t a big car but they have pretty much all they need with a bed, a drawer for food and stuff in the back, clothes under the bed and a gas stove for cooking. 

And of course – stickers!

Thank you so much Lina and Jakob for showing us your van and taking time to hang out for a bit. Hope to see you soon again! If you want to see more of this blue beauty, trailrunning and Lina and Jakobs continued trip around Norway and Sweden – go follow @Thegreatnortherntrails

On the road again!

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jul 20, 2017

After some nice and quiet days, we decided to gun it to Lofoten. That has been our goal all along but Sweden is so beautiful and it’s hard not to stop at every scenic place you see along the way.

But just as we passed the boarder to Norway, we realized once again that this country has something magical about it. The mountains, the fjords – you just have to love it!

Our aim is to arrive in Lofoten in a few days, no need to hurry. Whenever it’s possible we stay away from the bigger roads.

We’ve been on the lookout for bears along the roads but so far we’ve only seen reindeers, a badger, a rat and this crazy cute little lamb. But we’ll keep looking! 

See you soon Lofoten!

Short b-day update

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jul 19, 2017

I can’t imagine any better way to wake up on your 30th birthday, than curled up in a sleepingbag – from the sound of your husbands(whaaat!??) singing. And with a view like this outside your tent! 

We’ve been hiking on Swedish Fulufjället for the last tree days and it has been just amazing. The scenery is so cool, the water in the creeks is so tasty and the people! …We met people from all over Europe and something seems to happen when folks get into the nature – everyone was just so happy and friendly.

When we got back down from the hike, also happy but tired and with sore feets – we started to look for somewhere to sleep for the night. Just by coinsident we stumbled upon this dreamy spot just by a small tarn.

We had a vegan barbeque and enjoyed the scenery in the last rays of the sun. I didn’t think this day could get any better – but then we got an text from our wedding photographer Matilda Söderdtröm that had sent us a slideshow with pictures from the wedding! We where crying and laughing and hugging and kissing while we looked at it. Such an amazing day!

Thanks for all the love you’ve been sending me today – I love beeing 30 years old! ❤

Mr & Mrs Waite

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jul 13, 2017

In february last year, we where out on a perticulary nervous hike in a nature reserve outside of Stockholm. Or Carl didn’t know how nervous it was, but I was almost peeing my pants. The reason? I had a bottle of champagne in my backpack and  a plan to ask Calle to marry me! 

We’d been talking about it forever and I thought now was the time – but I could never have imagined how nervous I would be! We where out for several hours and I think I stopped like 3 or 4 times, with some silly excuse, and started reaching down my backpack. But I totally froze every time!

I thought that Carl would have figured something out since I was acting so wierd, but afterwards he told me he was clueless ? Anyway, after hours of walking we where almost back at the car and it was now or never – so suddenly I just hauled out the Champagne, tears pouring down my cheeks and I asked him ”will you marry me!?”, with the bottle pressed to his chest.

The look on his face was priceless! First total surprise and not getting anything – then the look when he really heard what I had asked – the biggest smile, mixed with tears and laughter. And of course the ”Yes!”

Ten years after we first laid eyes on each other, we got married on the 8th of July ?

Photo session with Matilda Söderström

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jun 25, 2017

For us vanlife has always been about getting inspired and to inspire others to live a more joyous life. So when photographer Matilda Söderström asked us if we wanted to do a van life, outdoorsy photoshoot with her, the answer was definetly yes! The pictures turned out to be more fantastic, dreamy and hopefully inspiring than we could ever imagine!

If you want to see more of Matildas work and of the pictures from our session, visit her site here!