There’s something about water

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jul 16, 2017

I don’t know where the fascination about water comes from, but me and Carl aren’t the only ones who have hiked for miles to see tons of water shooting down mountainsides around the world. This time it was an easy hike though, to get to Brattfallet in Värmland, Sweden. But even though the waterfall was beautiful, it was this part of Halgån, further down, that made the biggest impression on us. 

These logs is a reminder of the time when Hagån was used to carry timber through this landscape, down to Klarälven. A dangerous task for those who had it and something that was done all the way until the late 70s. 

Even though it was a short hike, we managed to be surprised by the rain (as you might have seen on our insta story: @swewanderlust ) and enjoy our lunch in the sun – confusing weather! ???

Photo session with Matilda Söderström

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jun 25, 2017

For us vanlife has always been about getting inspired and to inspire others to live a more joyous life. So when photographer Matilda Söderström asked us if we wanted to do a van life, outdoorsy photoshoot with her, the answer was definetly yes! The pictures turned out to be more fantastic, dreamy and hopefully inspiring than we could ever imagine!

If you want to see more of Matildas work and of the pictures from our session, visit her site here!