Behind the scenes

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sep 14, 2017

So yesterday the fourth episode of the tv-show ”Kalles sex liv” was aired on tv, but many of you had already seen it online. We are so happy for all your comments and the love that you’ve sent our way! ❤  

Some of you are praising the aspect of living in a van and trying to break free from the idea of what everyday life should look like – Our favourite subject of all times, but one that will have to wait because of the other questions that we’ve got. The questions about the actual recording of the show. 

This happened during three intense days in april. We met up with tv-host Kalle, the producer Andreas, the photographer Mattias and the drone genius that took all the epic shots from above – on Torö Stenstrand, which is a famous surfspot south of Stockholm. We would lie if we said that we weren’t nervous…! 

I’m a journalist and have worked with both tv and radio as a producer and researcher, but this is the first time that I’m in front of the camera – so wierd! But we fell in love with the idea of the show – to follow people that have chosen an ”alternative” way of living that doesn’t  necessary mean a house, two kids and work from nine to five. So we decided to go with it! 

Kalle Z W and the team was really nice to us and as the hours went by, it felt more and more natural. Usually when we are out on the roads we try to stay at least two night at every spot. And we might go climbing, hiking or living on a beach for a week at the time, now we did all of this in just three days which was really hectic – But super fun at the same time!  

But it was a close call that we didn’t get any surf photos at all, because the forecast changed and the swell was close to nothing. We started to panic – who wants to see a show with two people just sitting in their van all day long? 

But thanks to my awesome colleague and friend Niklas, we managed to find a place that actually worked in those lousy conditions. The team got what they wanted and we just wanted to stay at this spot forever, such a beautiful place! ?

This was one of the last moments before we had to drive ridiculously fast to the ferry to get back to Stockholm again. And I must say that it was a bit sad to say goodbye after those intensed days. The best thing with van life is to meet new interesting people and the worst part is when you have to go back to the city or to work or whatever. 

So you’ve read this far and the only thing you really wanted to know is  – did he or did he not sleep between you in the van!? Such a good question, even though I don’t understand why everyone keeps asking? I mean the picture below should be proof enough right? ?

You’re not ever in such a hurry

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jul 25, 2017

I wrote this text a few days back, when I was still a bit shaken by something that had happened a few hours earlier. Now we’re safe and happy in Unstad, Lofoten – but I still feel like sharing this with you all. As a reminder to keep things cool on the roads.

If you search for a route up to Lofoten on Google maps, it will most surtenly tell you to drive trough Sweden. That’s what we did last time we where there, two years ago. But as you already know, we wanted to see more of Norway this time and ignored the suggested route even though our one would take hours longer. But we’re not in a hurry.

Even though we’re not in a hurry, we where eager to get to Lofoten yesterday, after our stops and detours along the way. It’s easy to get caught in some kind of race where all that matters is miles and hours on the road.

But then something didn’t happen, that woke us up. It didn’t happen, but it was close. Maybe not as close as it felt.

We slept some kilometers outside of Levanger and had a look at the old ruin of a monastery before we got out on the E6 going north. I don’t know how highways look where you come from, but me and Carl are used to two lanes in each direction and a central barrier. The roads we drove on yesterday looked more like small country roads back home. But the traffic is still very busy with people on their way to and from their cottages, tourist busses and heavy trucks carrying I don’t know what up and down the seemingly narrow roads. 

One lane in each direction and nothing but yellow marks on the ground to separate the traffic going south and north.

And then that car. Some kind of SUV, where the driver decided that he or she was in such a hurry that it was worth to do an overtaking even though it was impossible to see far enough on the road ahead. On the road where we showed up.

I don’t know, it might not have been so close. But the moments that went by, when I went from annoyed over such a stupid behaviour, to not seeing how that SUV would be able to get back between the cars in the right lane. To tense all my muscles, preparing for the crash. Feeling how Calle hit the breaks. And then, the SUV getting back to it’s own side of the road, way to late.

Those moments stuck and made us forever remember; that we’re never in such a hurry. 

After this we drove off the E6 and took a smaller road with less traffic and lower speed limits. We took our time to look at the scenery and stop to take pictures. We arrived to Lofoten a few days later, but with peace in mind. 

Please, drive safe!

Lofoten here we come

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jul 23, 2017

As you know we’ve been on the roads for a few days and we haven’t had either batteries or wifi. But yesterday we finally reached Bodø where you can take a ferry to Lofoten. We parked some kilometers away on this magical spot and spent the night.

Now we’re on the ferry and Lofoten is getting closer every minute. This takes just over 3 hours and cost us around 100 euro for the two of us plus Doris. Totally worth it since it would take over 10 hours if we drove all the way!

We promise to give you a better update of what we’ve been doing this past week, as soon as we get a wifi connection ❤