Back to weekend warrior

So we’re back from our honeymoon but that doesn’t meen that we’ve given up on our outdoor lifestyle. At the moment I work in the arcipelago north of Stockholm and Carl in the city, so we try to do the most of the weekends.

Yesterday was Carl’s birthday so we had a nice dinner followed by some stand up paddleboarding – I tried out my new wetsuit for the first time and loved it! 

Today we had a walk and had lunch at some cliffs just by the sea. These are our favourite vegan chorizos from a brand called ”Astrid och aporna”. At the moment they sell limited edition chorizos which means that a small amount of the cost goes to Unicef and there work with helping people running from Syria ❤

We had an awesome weekend in the outdoors even though we’re back at work – hope we can inspire some of you to do the same! ★

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  1. Lennart Hagström

    13 augusti, 2017 at 21:57

    Är ni redan hemma i vardagen?
    Vi tänker oss, inte följande vecka, men därefter på tisdag åka norrut via Dalarna och fri- campa (om vi får tips ifrån ”Fricamparna”. Annars får vi finna egna platser i 2-3 veckor.
    Vi blir hemma denna vinter (barnbarn) och drar vår vagn till Spanien nästa år, slutet av augusti.
    Ha det så bra!



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