Things to do when the mist doesn’t allow you to see the beautiful scenery:

Take pictures of each other jumping in different kind of ways – it’s actually more fun than you might think!

Bella jumping high above the ground

A zoomin on Bellas jump

Bella jumping in a strang sort of ninja posission

The aim was to look like Ninjas….

Carl jumping in a strang sort of ninja posission

Zoom in of Carls move

Wasn’t so successful with that, but we had great fun and got warm!

Bella on her way to fall down

Bella dowon on the ground laughing after falling





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  1. Don’t underestimate the power of mist – Swewanderlust

    1 augusti, 2017 at 08:08

    […] seen our ninja pictures from the super misty day a few nights ago – if not check them out here! But we can’t really leave it there, because when we woke up after two days in this milky […]



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