Once again the world has proven itself to be smaller than ever!  

With our usual luck (or lack of planning) we came to Unstad, the surf mecka of Lofoten, just as the waves died out. Since we wanted to revisit this amazing little valley despite the lack of surf, we booked two nights at Unstad Artic surfs campsite. We’re not gonna tell you how long it was since we had a shower – but lets say it was worth the 600 nok (60€) to have hot water, a sauna, wifi and a lounge to hang out in as a change to the vanlife (sorry Doris!). 
But sitting still isn’t something we’re very good at, so when we heard that you could join a guide to go on a few hour of Stand up paddleboarding – we joined in! 

Neither one of us had tried this before and to be honest – Carl was a bit sceptic; ”stand on a board without waves, why?”. But as we got up on our boards and out in the fjord, there was nothing more to be sceptic about. The scenery is not from this world!

We paddled out to a small island together with a few other people, the two guides from Chamonix and Bali and a photographer called Kian from Australia. Before we left we wrote down our emails so Kian had somewhere to send the pictures. And as we where starting (or struggeling) to get the hang on the tecnique, Kian told us that he recognised the ”swewanderlust” adress that I had left. 

Carl and Bella is trying SUP

Apparently he was in Portugal the same time as we where last autumn. When we where driving from the south up, he was comming down south from Lissboa in his Mercedes Sprinervan. He told us that he had seen our pics on Instagram and checked out some of the spots that we camped out on. 

How crazy isn’t it that the guy from Australia sees our pictures when we’re all in Portugal – and that our paths cross seven months later in Unstad, Norway!?

Carl and Bella is jumping from a cliff down in the water

Bella is under water

Carl is swimming in the fjord

Even though there wasn’t any waves, we had an awesome day spent with great people in this environment that is like taken out of a movie. The guides from UAS was experienced, friendly and had a good hand with us beginners ?

But these epic pictures that Kian took might be the best thing with the whole day! Such a awesome memory and a privilege to have our pictures taken by such a pro – check him out here:@bourkesteer ?


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