Mr & Mrs Waite

In february last year, we where out on a perticulary nervous hike in a nature reserve outside of Stockholm. Or Carl didn’t know how nervous it was, but I was almost peeing my pants. The reason? I had a bottle of champagne in my backpack and  a plan to ask Calle to marry me! 

We’d been talking about it forever and I thought now was the time – but I could never have imagined how nervous I would be! We where out for several hours and I think I stopped like 3 or 4 times, with some silly excuse, and started reaching down my backpack. But I totally froze every time!

I thought that Carl would have figured something out since I was acting so wierd, but afterwards he told me he was clueless ? Anyway, after hours of walking we where almost back at the car and it was now or never – so suddenly I just hauled out the Champagne, tears pouring down my cheeks and I asked him ”will you marry me!?”, with the bottle pressed to his chest.

The look on his face was priceless! First total surprise and not getting anything – then the look when he really heard what I had asked – the biggest smile, mixed with tears and laughter. And of course the ”Yes!”

Ten years after we first laid eyes on each other, we got married on the 8th of July ?


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